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About our team

Hi! Do you like what you see? Get to know my story!

Dorothy Fashion is actually five pairs of hands - it's a large team of four men (three minors and one apparently an adult ;)) and me.

Our team

A more numerous part of men is responsible for posing, inspiring and complimenting, and the female part for ... designing. Therefore, before the concepts leave the Dorothy Fashion studio and are sent to the best tailoring workshops in the city, they must first go through the quality assurance of the most demanding fashion critics ;)

Designing is a big part of our lives, in which we put all our hearts every time. In addition to love for fashion, Dorothy Fashion clothes will help youfind the comfort you desire and - at the same time - feel feminine. This is because we put the best materials and a good price in the first place - with a pinch of sensuality sprinkled all over it.

See what the effects are!